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Thread: More Ducati "New Blue" News - Pictures!

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    Here's some higher resolution pictures of the recently announced Ducati "New Blue" which will be sold to commemorate the accomplishments of Cook Neilson and Phill Schilling. Their race Ducati's of a few decades ago - "Old Blue" and "The California Hot Rod" - pretty much put Ducati's name on the map in the USA...

    Basically a Ducati Sport Classic 1000-S built by Poggipolini (who now own the rights to the "NCR" name...), it weighs some 85 pounds less than a regular 1000-S yet makes 30 more horsepower! That should make it very entertaining, to say the least.

    Bike is more specifically to commemorate Neilson & Schilling's 1977 Daytona Superbike Race win.


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    So is it a race only machine? What class would it run in, vintage?
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